Watch Los Angeles Angels Baseball Live Online Without Cable

Los Angeles Angels logoAfter more than 50 years, the Los Angeles Angels baseball team has returned to their original name in 2016. As with many of the other teams that were founded in the 1960s, the Angels are wildly popular. If you are a fan, you want to watch the games. However, you may have noticed that the yearly pricing for your cable or satellite service keeps going up. If you are keeping your service to watch the games, there are now other options that don’t involve either service.

As an Angels fan, you probably want to watch all the games you can. Though the games are on a few different channels, cord cutters may experience problems enjoying the season. That is a good reason to take a look at the over the top (OTT) streaming services. With these options, you can watch pay TV channels for a fraction of the price you pay for either service. We’ll take a look at them now to show you the options you have. If you are planning to travel abroad, you may want to connect to a US server with a VPN to enjoy the games.

Using Sling TV to watch Los Angeles Angels baseball

Sling TV If you are looking for the best option, you can always take a look at Sling TV. Because a good portion of the games (if not all) will be available,  you should have no problem watching as many as you like. Sling channels include ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports 1&2, Fox, and others. With this option, you can enjoy WatchESPN access because the channel is offered through the service. No Angels fan should be without good choices, so you should give Sling TV a try free for 7 days.

Use FuboTV to stream Angels baseball games

fuboTVAfter so long, many Angels fans are glad to see the team return to its original name. If you are one of them, FuboTV is a good way to watch the games. This service is focused (for the most part) on sports. With this sports-friendly style, you can bet the service is loaded with your favorite sports channels. The standard package includes more than 60 channels at a price that is below your normal cable or satellite bill. If you decide you don’t like the service or want to drop it after baseball season, there are no contracts. Fubo channels include Fox,¬†NBCSN, BeIN Sports, and others in high definition. If you prefer to watch the apps of individual channels, you can log into them and watch that way. If you think you may want to give Fubo TV a shot, be sure to grab the 7-day free trial so you can take a look at the service more closely.

FuboTV is available for use on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. If you have a bigger family or plan on watching more than 2 streams at a time, the service only allows 2 streams at the same time. However, you can use their cloud DVR service if you miss anything.

Use PlayStation Vue to stream Angels baseball

Playstation VueLastly, the PlayStation Vue streaming service (often called PS Vue) is another option you have. It offers you a good mix of sport and nonsports channels. With it, you get more than 45 channels for $40 a month. You can drop the service at any time you want, but you may wish to keep it. Some of the available channels with this service include ABC, ESPN2, ESPN, CBS, Fox Sports, and more. To take a closer look at PS Vue, you can test the service by getting the 5-day free trial for testing purposes.

PS Vue channels include PS3, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and others. This service gives you the ability to watch up to 5 simultaneous streams plus stream and play video games. You can also watch the fun of Rally Monkey by using PS Vue.