NBC Sports Gold Review

NBC Sports Gold is an American over the top (OTT) streaming service and is part of the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) sports division. It offers great sports content including track and field, pro motocross, cycling, and more. There is not one set price that will allow you to watch everything it offers. Instead, there are different packages offered, depending on what you want to watch. In this review of the NBC Sports Gold, we plan on giving you a closer look at service to help you decide if you want to get it.

NBC Sports Gold was launched on June 9th, 2016 as a rebranding of the NBC Sports Tour de France app. After that point, other sports have been added as separate packages. If you purchase a package, you are allowed to watch the event and replays of the event on this service. One package that drew criticism was the Premier League pass. The greater soccer community considered it a giant step backward and a detriment to fans of the smaller clubs in the league. Unfortunately, there is no permantent trial program. However, you can take a look at the NBC Sports Gold website.

NBC Sports Gold Screen

There are several sports packages you can choose from, depending on your preference. By getting one, you are gaining access to all the matches or races in that package. The prices listed are once per season, and the subscription period may vary.

NBC Sports Gold subscription lengths

Sports Packages for NBC Sports Gold

  • Cycling Pass  $39.99 – With this one, you can follow top cyclists and your favorite cycling events. Watch to see if any cyclists can ever match the dominance of Lance Armstrong with using performance enhancing drugs. Now, you don’t have to miss out on the exciting parts of your favorite race. This one is a must for cycling fans.
  • Pro Motocross $49.99 – Watch and follow the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship season. That includes qualifiers, moto 1s, moto 2s, and more without needing to watch commercials. If you miss something or want to watch an event again, there are full event replays.
  • Track and Field Pass $69.99 – Whether you enjoy watching marathons, relays, championship events, and more, you can watch them all with this pass. This pass is good from April to October of the current year.
  • Rugby Pass $59.99 – If you are a fan of Rugby, you’ll love being able to watch every match of Premiership Rugby and select World Rugby Tournaments. The subscription period of this package runs from June to August.
  • Premier League Pass $49.99 – If you like the English Premier League, you’ll love this package. It gives you access to 130 Premier League matches, the preseason rundown, weekend fixture preview, review shows, and the end of season recap show. It also includes original content of the Men in Blazers show, and Behind the Badge.

Those are all the packages available at this time. Due to newness of the service, it is possible that this list may grow more. Please note that NBC Sports Gold is available in the US and US territories. If you are planning on traveling outside the area, you’ll need to connect to a VPN first before enjoying.

Devices Supported by NBC Sports Gold

The service is availabl

NBC Sports Gold Devices

e on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and NBCSportsGold.com. If you do not see your favorite device listed here, be sure to check the website for a full list. The service does not allow more than one stream at a time.


Before we wrap up this NBC Sports Gold review, we want to give you a list of pros and cons with this service.


  • Access to specific sports
  • Watch the entire season of a sport live and with replays
  • Exclusive content in some cases


  • All packages must be purchased separately
  • Limited ability to receive a free trial
  • Only one stream allowed at a time
  • Some packages seem overpriced

Overall, there are some mixed feelings about this service.The NBC Sports Gold streaming service has a lot of potential. You can get some great coverage of sports you may not normally get to see. However, we don’t think it is at the level of some of the other services. There are some clear limitations it has including console compatibility, single stream play, and others. If you are willing to spend the money on watching a single event, it may be well worth the amount you will pay. Again, if you would like to take a closer look, go ahead and view their website.

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