GLOW Streaming Guide : Watch GLOW Online

GLOW LogoGLOW is an American dramedy (drama and comedy) TV series that is a Netflix original. The series revolves around fictionalized characters and gimmicks of the 1980s women’s pro wrestling circuit, the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling (GLOW). Season one contains 10 episodes, and was released on June 23rd, 2017. Typically, additional seasons on Netflix are launched all at once around the same time of year.

For those readers that are part of Generation X or older, you may remember watching the GLOW girls in the ’80s. It was usually shown on network TV on the weekends. If so, the series may feel a bit familiar. If not, it will give you some insight into the world of female pro wrestling during it’s golden age.

The main character in the show, known as “Zoya the Destroya”, is played by Alison Brie. She plays a struggling actress that gets an invitation for an unusual casting call in an LA gym. When she gets there, she learns about the new wrestling league that she is auditioning for. Because it is a fictionalized account about fictional characters, Brie gets heat from the director for overacting in the ring and then gets confronted by her best friend, a fellow GLOW girl, over an affair with her husband.

Without a doubt, the show will be interesting. The question is, will it be as popular as some of the other shows they have made. Since all of the Netflix shows are high budget, we’ll get to see if the quality is as good. No matter what though, you’ll want to take a look at how everything plays out.

Using Netflix to stream GLOW

Netflix is an online video streaming service that was founded in 1997. Originally, the service was launched as a DVD rental service. You paid a certain amount a month and you were allowed to have up to 3 dvds sent to you at one time. After watching, you simply dropped them in the mail and sent them back to the company. Ten years later, the company expanded into the streaming business. Today, that is what most of the users do. The cost of the service has 3 different levels. The top package allows you to stream on up to 4 screens in HD for $12 a month. Of course, you can sign up for a month free to test their service and watch the show. You can watch from almost every country in the world.

There are many different devices that you can view Netflix on. Smart TVs, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast, Roku, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more. If we did not mention your favorite device, be sure to check their website for compatibility.

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