Watch North Carolina Tarheels Football Live Online Without Cable

Sling TVWhile the University of North Carolina (UNC) has long been known as a basketball school, the Tarheels football program has made waves in the last several years. They have had a great stretch, and that has led alumni and fans to be proud of their football team as well. Fans of the heels are spread all over the country and even the world. If you have been a fan for a while or just becoming one, you may have been frustrated over rising cable or satellite costs. That is why we’ll tell you about some options we have that don’t use either one.

No Tarheel wants to miss out on what has recently become good football. If you have debated cutting the cord, you may have thought you needed to sacrifice the season to save money. You can still save money, but you can also watch the games, too. By using a stand alone streaming option, you would only pay a fraction of your normal costs. Since there are no contracts, you could keep one of these services year round or drop it after football season ends. That choice is up to you. Let’s take a look at a few solutions to help you watch the Tarheels in action. Be aware that if you are traveling internationally during the season and don’t want to miss any games, you’ll need to connect to US server with a VPN first.

Use Sling TV to watch North Carolina Football

Sling TVWhether you have been on the internet or watching TV, you have likely seen an ad for Sling TV. This service is a great choice for Carolina fans. With your service, you get access to ABC, Fox, ESPN, and others. You also get the opportunity to use channel apps like WatchESPN by using your Sling info. As we mentioned, you can cancel the service anytime. Though not all UNC games have been assigned to a TV station yet, we can tell you that several of them will be played on ESPN.

Others are likely to be played on ABC, Fox, and other networks. If there are ABC games, you will need to get the broadcast add-on in addition to the normal package. If you go to the website, you’ll see where everything is located. To see what this service is all about, you can try Sling TV free for 7 days to see what it has to offer.

Using PlayStation Vue to stream Tarheels Football

Playstation VueAnother splendid option to watch the Tarheels is the PlayStation Vue streaming service (often called PS Vue). Like Sling, it offers you a wide variety of channels to watch during the times when football is not on. Channels for this option include CBS, ESPN2, ESPN, and many more. Though not all games have an assigned channel yet, you should be able to see most of them by using this service. For a test drive of this choice, they offer a 5-day free trial. Just take it for a spin and see if you like it.

PS Vue is watchable on PS3, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and others. Since there are up to 5 simultaneous streams available, not everyone in your household has to watch football.

Just in case you are not sure of the schedule, we have provided it for you below.

UNC schedule