Watch Cal Golden Bears Football Live Online Without Cable

The California Golden Bears football team is one of the oldest programs in the country. Beginning in 1886, the Cal Bears have done extremely well through the years. If you are a fan of California football, you have probably noticed that your yearly costs have gone up due to price hikes in cable and satellite services. If you have struggled with the decision to watch the season or save money, you shouldn’t have to. That is why we are glad to tell you about some options that don’t use either one.

No Golden Bears fan wants to have to miss the season. However, rising cable and satellite costs have caused quite a few to cut the cord. If you have considered doing that, we don’t think you should have to make the decision. That is where the stand alone streaming option comes into play. These options are great because they give you access to pay channels without the need for a high cost, contract, or commitment. Let’s take a look at the available options for Golden Bears fans. Sometimes, fans need to travel abroad during the season. If you fall into that category, you’ll want to connect to a server in the US by using a VPN to enjoy.

Use Sling TV to watch Cal Bears Football

Sling TVOne option California Golden Bears fans have is Sling TV. By trying this option, you get great channels like the Pac 12 Network, ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox, and more. Included with that is the option are the channel apps for the associated TV networks. Though we can’t tell you what networks all the games will be played on, the ones we know of will be played on ESPN and Fox. You should be able to watch most (if not all) of the games by using this option.

The Cal Bears have a record of just over half of all games played. Every school has their ups and downs, but it is hard to deny the overall power of the Golden Bears. There are some very good games ahead this year, so you’ll want to watch it all. To take this option for a spin, you can try using Sling TV free for 7 days for testing purposes.

Using PlayStation Vue to stream Golden Bears Football

Playstation VueThe second choice to take a look at for watching Cal games is the PlayStation Vue streaming service (often called PS Vue). As with Sling, you get the ability to watch more than 45 channels in the basic package. Channels you can expect to see include NBC, ESPN2, ESPN, CBS, Fox, and much more. Again like Sling, the PS Vue service will allow you watch most of the games. The only issue we have found with this service is that it is missing the PAC-12 Network. While we don’t know of any games that are on the network yet, you are likely to see at least one. To give the PS Vue streaming service a shot, you can always try out their 5-day free trial to see what the service is all about.

To watch PS Vue, you, of course, need to have at least one of the following devices. Those include PS3, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and others. If you have a bigger family, you’ll love the 5 simultaneous streams you are allowed. That way, not everyone has to watch football with you.

We have taken a glance at the schedule and you should too. That is why we have provided it for you below.

Cal schedule