Watch Baylor Bears Football Live Online Without Cable

Sling TVThe Baylor Bears football program has had a long history and a good record. However, it has had its’ share of scandals. While Baylor has been great in recent years, it is time for a new era. If you enjoy watching the Baylor Bears play, you already know that cable and satellite prices have continuously gone up. That can certainly make it difficult to enjoy the games that are on pay television. Luckily, there are a few options we can take a look at that are not a part of either one.

No Bears fan wants to miss out on the season, especially with all the forward progress of the program in the last few years. If you have thought about ditching your cable or satellite service, you may be keeping it just to watch the games. Whether that is your situation or you just wanted to see other options, we suggest using a standalone streaming option. These services are great because you still get access to pay TV. The difference is, you can do it without the cost or commitment of the standard ways. Here is a quick look at the best options for Bears fans. If you are planning on being outside the country during the season, you’ll want to use a VPN so you can watch everything.

Use Sling TV to watch Baylor Football

Sling TVFor everyone that wants a good option to watch Baylor games, Sling TV provides a good option. Channels that are part of this service include ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox, and more. If you prefer to log in to the channel apps instead, you may watch that way as well. While not all of the games have assigned channels yet, you should not have any problems enjoying the Bears season with this one.

With the new head coach of the team, there is no telling how he will perform or when the Bears will return back to greatness. All we can do is hope that it is soon. One of the last games to be played this year is against in-state rival, TCU. None of the games this season can be taken lightly. If you want to find out more about the service, be sure to grab the trial of Sling TV free for 7 days.

Using PlayStation Vue to stream Bears Football

Playstation VueBears fans also have the option of using the PlayStation Vue streaming service (often called PS Vue). By choosing this one, you get the option of more than 45 channels as part of their basic package. Some of them include ESPN2, ESPN, CBS, Fox, and much more. Since we don’t know all the stations, it is hard to say what games will be played where. You shouldn’t have any problems viewing the games and enjoying the tense season it is sure to be. If you are interested in taking a closer look, the 5-day free trial is a good way to do so.

The list of compatible devices is as follows. They are PS3, PS4, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, and others. One thing you might enjoy about this service is the 5 simultaneous streams. That way, not everyone has to watch football with you.

The Baylor Bears football season will be difficult. If you have not taken a look at the schedule yet, feel free to view it below.

Baylor schedule